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Ballmate Stripe

Ballmate Stripe

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Ballmate stripe is handmade in two parts. The blue foam is made of water-resistant fibers. The yellow polyurethane is super easy to attach to almost any dry surface (but not untreated wood). Ballmate stripe has an outstanding rebound ability. The feeling is that the ball returns at the same speed as the pass. Don't let anything limit your training opportunities, with Ballmate stripe there is every opportunity to become a sniper!


Keep in mind that:
1. Attach the protective film when you are not using your Ballmate.
2. If the yellow surface gets dirty, wash it in lukewarm water and some ordinary soap.
3. Let it air dry. Be patient and don't rub it.
4. If you have it outdoors, bring it inside when not in use.


L: 100 cm
W: 10 cm
D: 2.7 cm
Wt: 380 grams

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